I QUIT SUGAR: Why I’m taking part in the program

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I quit sugar is an 8-week program designed to help you give sugar the kick. You receive 8 weeks of seasonal nutritionally developed meal plans, along with recipes, shopping lists, tips and online support every step of the way. You can read more about the program here https://iquitsugar.com/faqs/what-is-i-quit-sugar-all-about/

I was lucky enough to be invited to take part in the latest 8-week program which kicked off on the 8th of January and wanted to share with you why I’ve decided to take part in the program.

Why I decided to take part in the program:

I personally try to limit the amount of refined sugar I eat as my body feels healthier and I have more energy. With the lead up to Christmas, there were too many treats, too many late nights and not enough time to meal prep, leading me to foods with lots of added nasties and too much dark chocolate for that afternoon energy fix. I thought the program would be a great way to kick start 2018 and help me get back into routine with the added help of meals plans and recipes. 

I have always loved Sarah Wilsons no nonsense approach to cooking, waste and not getting caught up with fancy foods - just getting back to basics. Mum and I received her ‘simplicious’ cook book for Christmas last year and can’t get enough of it.

I’m now lucky enough to have access to some of the drool worthy recipes you see on the IQS Instagram – very excited!

My approach to the program:

- Everything I make will still be FODMAP friendly - I will be adjusting the recipes to keep them Sarah friendly

- The program encourages you to give up fruit for weeks 2-6. I personally won’t be doing this as my diet is a bit restrictive and I don’t want to cut out another big part of it. I know from previous experience when I remove part of my diet that I usually eat, my mind plays games and it can lead to over eating in that food or something else. So, during this time I’m going to limit my fruit to 2 pieces a day using low fructose options, such as berries.

If you want to take part in the program for yourself, you can sign up here - use my code (jZrCS) and receive $15 off!!

Follow my journey on my Instagram where I’ll be showing you how I’m keeping it Sarah friendly.

**This is an affiliate link, meaning that I earn a small commission (i.e. a proportion of the sign up) if you join the 8WP via this link