Low FODMAP Tips: For eating out


1) If you have time before hand, check out the menu of the café/restaurant you’re going to, to suss out what options are available. If your friends happen to suggest a venue where you can’t eat anything, try suggesting a few alternative places

2) When deciding what you can eat, ask what ingredients are in a particular dishes (especially with sauces) to decide what you can eat or what’s easily adjustable - places these days are starting to label their menu items GF &DF, which makes it helpful!

3) When it comes to placing your order, make sure you’re friendly when explaining what you have to avoid or if you’re wishing to change ingredients. I've found that they’re usually super understanding and happy to adapt a meal to make it Sarah friendly. If not, I would suggest never going back!!

4) Too embarrassed to make a fuss in front of a date/work colleagues or friends? Go to the 'bathroom' and find your waiter on the way and explain your order to them / double check that it fits with your dietary requirements.

5) Sharing with friends? Suggest items which you can eat, if there aren’t enough options you can eat, order something extra specifically for you (I sometimes just order my own meal to make it easier).

6) Know what you can and can’t touch and your individual FODMAP limits. The things you can enjoy a little bit of and the foods you can eat without any trouble.

Eating out should be an enjoyable and relaxing experience with friends, family and colleagues. So don't stress out about it!! Focus your attention on all the delicious food you can eat (not on what you can't). There is usually something on the menu for everyone to enjoy (even if it requires some adaption).

Enjoy dining out! Sarah x


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