Auckland Brunchn': Seabreeze Cafe

SeaBreeze cafe brunch
Sea Breeze Brunch 2.jpg

Enjoyed brunch at my sisters current favourite Auckland spot - Seabreeze Cafe. A super cute corner cafe located in Westmere.

The coffee is delicious and they offer lots of gluten and dairy free options which are all marked clearly on the menu.

I ordered poached eggs on gluten free toast (remember to ask without butter on the toast if you don't eat dairy) with a side of tea smoked salmon and oven roasted tomatoes. It was delicious!! Grainy bread which I love! and the salmon was smoked to perfection.

I will definitely be visiting again. 


Brunch @Duck and Waffle

My mum was visiting from New Zealand so I took her to Duck & Waffle for breakfast last week (it was my first time for breaky there too). Absolutely amazed that they could do the famous Duck & Waffle breakfast gluten and dairy free. The waffle was light and fluffy topped with a crispy leg confit, fried duck egg and drizzled with lots of maple syrup - cooked to perfection. 

An incredible breakfast with a stunning view of London - definitely a must visit if you are in London town or looking for a special treat.

Check out the breakfast menu here

Duck and Waffle.JPG
Duck and waffle view