Brunch @Duck and Waffle

My mum was visiting from New Zealand so I took her to Duck & Waffle for breakfast last week (it was my first time for breaky there too). Absolutely amazed that they could do the famous Duck & Waffle breakfast gluten and dairy free. The waffle was light and fluffy topped with a crispy leg confit, fried duck egg and drizzled with lots of maple syrup - cooked to perfection. 

An incredible breakfast with a stunning view of London - definitely a must visit if you are in London town or looking for a special treat.

Check out the breakfast menu here

Duck and Waffle.JPG
Duck and waffle view

London Brunchn': East London

Brunch at Lantana

If you’ve been following me on Instragram, for a while you’ll know that I’m obsessed with Brunch! One of my favourite things to do in the weekends is a morning workout followed by a long catch up with friends over delicious coffee and food.

Since moving to London a year ago, I’ve tried many different spots and been back to a few places on a very regular basis. I’ve rounded up a few of my current favourites in East London.


Brunch at Lantana

An Australian café in Shoreditch (they’re also in Camden & Fitzrovia). I usually (always) get the smashed avocado* on gluten free toast - this comes with a poached egg, labanah (which I ask for without #DF) and your choice of smoked salmon, bacon (my fav) or haloumi. The gluten free toast at Lantana is AMAZING! Thick, seedy, crunchy on the edges but soft in the middle - the best I’ve found in London to date. The avo dish is a bit different to the standard offering, served with courgette ribbons and fresh herbs on top.

They also offer a boozy brunch option, which is always a good time!

*I make sure I limit my avocado intake to make sure I keep it #sarahfriendly. ½ a medium avocado is considered low FODMAP per the FODMAP friendly guidelines.

Check out the website here

Brunch at Lantana


Brunch at Ozone

A kiwi roastery, coffee bar and eatery in Shoreditch.

The menu has a variety of gluten free options and are clearly labelled. I decided to go for classic poached eggs on gluten free toast with a few sides – smoked salmon and shared a bit of avocado. The gluten free toast was light and fluffy.

They roast the coffee beans on the lower floor of the café and you can be seated downstairs next to the roastery or you can go down and have a peak. I personally prefer to be seated at the window bar – especially nice on a summer’s day when the windows are open.

Check out the website here

The Bach

Brunch at The Bach

This list would not be complete without The Bach. A low-key New Zealand café located on Broadway Market and recently opened in Hoxton which serve my ultimate favourite coffee – Allpress, made perfectly #kiwistyle.

Menu’s at each location vary slightly but are equally as great and offer loads of diet friendly options. At Broadway market, I’ve enjoyed (on many occasions) the scrambled eggs with salmon on gluten free toast. They are super accommodating with my dietary needs - making my eggs without milk/cream and leaving off the cream cheese. An epic #sarahfriendly brunch with a delicious coffee.  I go for an almond milk flat white as they make it just right.

Brunch at The Bach

At Hoxton – I’ve had poached eggs on gluten free toast with bacon and a side of avocado. The bacon was cooked crunchy – just the way I like it and the gluten free bread was brown (my fav) and well cooked. Delicious!! Can’t wait for warmer days when I can eat brunch on the tables they have outside.

Brunch at The Bach

Check out the website here