Steps I take to settle my stomach

Hot water with lemon and ginger

After I posted and got so many lovely comments on my bloated photo on Instagram I’d thought I write a blog post and share what I do when my tummy is upset.


When my stomach is upset, bloated or I’m just feeling average I will turn to the steps below to help settle it and give myself some relief

  1. Drink peppermint tea

  2. Hot water with lemon and ginger

  3. Pineapple anti-inflammatory drink, find the recipe below

  4. Up my bone broth intake (I aim to drink at least 1 cup daily)

  5. Doing some gentle exercise - a slow walk or some yoga. I love the yoga for digestion by Adriene. Find the link here

  6. Not being too hard on myself / stressing about ‘eating too much that doesn’t agree with me’. Stress often makes its worse!

  7. A lie down / rest with a hot water bottle or wheat pack

I often alternate between all of the above drinks during the day to help and don’t limit drinking them to only when feeling “off” - these are drinks I often consume daily. X

Hot water with lemon and ginger

Pineapple anti-inflammatory drink

From Good Magazine

Pineapple skins contain protein bromelain, that helps digestion & healing. Simply boil pineapple skin, preserving the medicinal properties & add ginger & turmeric. This refreshing tonic takes 25 minutes & is a great substitute for a glass of wine.

Serves 10

1 pineapple peel, crown, scraps
1 piece turmeric
1 knob of ginger
Water, enough to cover

Place everything in a medium pot & cover with water. Simmer on a medium-low heat for about 30 minutes. Cover pot with a lid & let it infuse for 25 more minutes. 

Strain everything into a jar & place it in the fridge until cold. Serve cold with plenty of ice or you can also enjoy it hot

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