5 facts about Kiwifruit:

  1. Kiwifruit is native to China, the seeds were introduced to New Zealand in 1904. They were called ‘Chinese Gooseberries’ until the 1960’s
  2. They are considered FODMAP friendly 
  3. The skin is edible
  4. High in Vitamin C - kiwifruit contain more vitamin C than an orange
  5. Contain Actinidin which can help with digestion. ‘Actinidin is a protease found in kiwifruit, which breaks down proteins and facilitates gastric digestion. This natural enzyme has the ability to break-down a wide range of food proteins more completely and faster than our natural digestive enzymes can do on their own’ http://www.zespri.com/nutritious/digestive-health.  Thats why you can get a funny feeling on your tongue if you eat too many because of all those enzymes. So if you’ve having problems getting those bowels moving, try eating a few kiwi fruit on an empty stomach. 

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