Steps I take to settle my stomach

Hot water with lemon and ginger

After I posted and got so many lovely comments on my bloated photo on Instagram I’d thought I write a blog post and share what I do when my tummy is upset.


When my stomach is upset, bloated or I’m just feeling average I will turn to the steps below to help settle it and give myself some relief

  1. Drink peppermint tea

  2. Hot water with lemon and ginger

  3. Pineapple anti-inflammatory drink, find the recipe below

  4. Up my bone broth intake (I aim to drink at least 1 cup daily)

  5. Doing some gentle exercise - a slow walk or some yoga. I love the yoga for digestion by Adriene. Find the link here

  6. Not being too hard on myself / stressing about ‘eating too much that doesn’t agree with me’. Stress often makes its worse!

  7. A lie down / rest with a hot water bottle or wheat pack

I often alternate between all of the above drinks during the day to help and don’t limit drinking them to only when feeling “off” - these are drinks I often consume daily. X

Hot water with lemon and ginger

Pineapple anti-inflammatory drink

From Good Magazine

Pineapple skins contain protein bromelain, that helps digestion & healing. Simply boil pineapple skin, preserving the medicinal properties & add ginger & turmeric. This refreshing tonic takes 25 minutes & is a great substitute for a glass of wine.

Serves 10

1 pineapple peel, crown, scraps
1 piece turmeric
1 knob of ginger
Water, enough to cover

Place everything in a medium pot & cover with water. Simmer on a medium-low heat for about 30 minutes. Cover pot with a lid & let it infuse for 25 more minutes. 

Strain everything into a jar & place it in the fridge until cold. Serve cold with plenty of ice or you can also enjoy it hot

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Why I started Yoga


My exercise routine was once, pretty intense. It would involve a HIIT session, spin, 2 x weights workout and some other cardio if I could fit it in. I love getting sweaty and feeling the burn – and I absolutely loved it.

After moving back to NZ, getting sick (with Campylobacter), and Sjogren’s flares I needed to re-evaluate my exercise choices and listen to what my body needed. 

My sister suggested I try 30 days of Yoga by Adriene on YouTube. I was pretty hesitant as I’m NOT a yogi - I actually hated yoga. I’m very inflexible (can’t touch my toes) and had only been to a handful of yoga classes which I didn’t really like. I always found them intimidating because the teachers are so flexible. I felt like they would always look down at the inflexible ones (aka me) and wonder why the hell I was there in the first place.

I decided to join my sister on the 30-day challenge, and I was hooked from day 1. Adriene’s way is so relaxed, she seems really easy going and reminds you to only do what your body can. 

I finished 30 days about a month ago now and it was a such an achievement for me. I was so happy with myself - showing up on my mat for 30 days, doing the practise and making progress. It felt amazing. It also helped with my mind and body awareness, flexibility (I CAN TOUCH MY TOES!!) and overall calmness. 

You can pay for a membership but after finishing the 30-day program on YouTube (free), I’ve continued to enjoy more of her  free sessions she has online which are fit for all your yoga needs.

Two of my friends have just started the 30 days of Yoga and my cousin has also completed hers -she’s also hooked! 

I honestly can’t recommend this enough - I love my routine of Yoga with Adriene. 

Find her website here


I QUIT SUGAR: Why I’m taking part in the program

I quit sugar.jpg

I quit sugar is an 8-week program designed to help you give sugar the kick. You receive 8 weeks of seasonal nutritionally developed meal plans, along with recipes, shopping lists, tips and online support every step of the way. You can read more about the program here

I was lucky enough to be invited to take part in the latest 8-week program which kicked off on the 8th of January and wanted to share with you why I’ve decided to take part in the program.

Why I decided to take part in the program:

I personally try to limit the amount of refined sugar I eat as my body feels healthier and I have more energy. With the lead up to Christmas, there were too many treats, too many late nights and not enough time to meal prep, leading me to foods with lots of added nasties and too much dark chocolate for that afternoon energy fix. I thought the program would be a great way to kick start 2018 and help me get back into routine with the added help of meals plans and recipes. 

I have always loved Sarah Wilsons no nonsense approach to cooking, waste and not getting caught up with fancy foods - just getting back to basics. Mum and I received her ‘simplicious’ cook book for Christmas last year and can’t get enough of it.

I’m now lucky enough to have access to some of the drool worthy recipes you see on the IQS Instagram – very excited!

My approach to the program:

- Everything I make will still be FODMAP friendly - I will be adjusting the recipes to keep them Sarah friendly

- The program encourages you to give up fruit for weeks 2-6. I personally won’t be doing this as my diet is a bit restrictive and I don’t want to cut out another big part of it. I know from previous experience when I remove part of my diet that I usually eat, my mind plays games and it can lead to over eating in that food or something else. So, during this time I’m going to limit my fruit to 2 pieces a day using low fructose options, such as berries.

If you want to take part in the program for yourself, you can sign up here - use my code (jZrCS) and receive $15 off!!

Follow my journey on my Instagram where I’ll be showing you how I’m keeping it Sarah friendly.

**This is an affiliate link, meaning that I earn a small commission (i.e. a proportion of the sign up) if you join the 8WP via this link

London Brunchn': East London

Brunch at Lantana

If you’ve been following me on Instragram, for a while you’ll know that I’m obsessed with Brunch! One of my favourite things to do in the weekends is a morning workout followed by a long catch up with friends over delicious coffee and food.

Since moving to London a year ago, I’ve tried many different spots and been back to a few places on a very regular basis. I’ve rounded up a few of my current favourites in East London.


Brunch at Lantana

An Australian café in Shoreditch (they’re also in Camden & Fitzrovia). I usually (always) get the smashed avocado* on gluten free toast - this comes with a poached egg, labanah (which I ask for without #DF) and your choice of smoked salmon, bacon (my fav) or haloumi. The gluten free toast at Lantana is AMAZING! Thick, seedy, crunchy on the edges but soft in the middle - the best I’ve found in London to date. The avo dish is a bit different to the standard offering, served with courgette ribbons and fresh herbs on top.

They also offer a boozy brunch option, which is always a good time!

*I make sure I limit my avocado intake to make sure I keep it #sarahfriendly. ½ a medium avocado is considered low FODMAP per the FODMAP friendly guidelines.

Check out the website here

Brunch at Lantana


Brunch at Ozone

A kiwi roastery, coffee bar and eatery in Shoreditch.

The menu has a variety of gluten free options and are clearly labelled. I decided to go for classic poached eggs on gluten free toast with a few sides – smoked salmon and shared a bit of avocado. The gluten free toast was light and fluffy.

They roast the coffee beans on the lower floor of the café and you can be seated downstairs next to the roastery or you can go down and have a peak. I personally prefer to be seated at the window bar – especially nice on a summer’s day when the windows are open.

Check out the website here

The Bach

Brunch at The Bach

This list would not be complete without The Bach. A low-key New Zealand café located on Broadway Market and recently opened in Hoxton which serve my ultimate favourite coffee – Allpress, made perfectly #kiwistyle.

Menu’s at each location vary slightly but are equally as great and offer loads of diet friendly options. At Broadway market, I’ve enjoyed (on many occasions) the scrambled eggs with salmon on gluten free toast. They are super accommodating with my dietary needs - making my eggs without milk/cream and leaving off the cream cheese. An epic #sarahfriendly brunch with a delicious coffee.  I go for an almond milk flat white as they make it just right.

Brunch at The Bach

At Hoxton – I’ve had poached eggs on gluten free toast with bacon and a side of avocado. The bacon was cooked crunchy – just the way I like it and the gluten free bread was brown (my fav) and well cooked. Delicious!! Can’t wait for warmer days when I can eat brunch on the tables they have outside.

Brunch at The Bach

Check out the website here