What are your biggest FODMAP triggers?

Gluten, high lactose products (I'm lucky I can tolerate goats/sheep’s cheese and yoghurt), excess fructose, garlic and onion. 

Do you eat high-FODMAP foods?

YES (some, but I have to watch the portion size to keep it Sarah friendly!)

I like to include as much variety into my diet as possible. Small amounts of high-FODMAP foods can often be tolerated however its all about finding your FODMAP limit. Everyone is different and will have different thresholds, so it's all about trial and error. 

I suggest using the Monash University low FODMAP app (it’s life changing…HELLO AVOCADO - well a small amount) or the FODMAP friendly app

What is your favourite FODMAP tool?

The Monash University low FODMAP app - It clearly labels what items are FODMAP friendly or suggests serving sizes of foods that contain high FODMAP’s but are considered low FODMAP in specific portion sizes.

Do you drink alcohol?

Yes, I always try not to drink on an empty stomach and stick to vodka with soda and fresh lime or wine. I tend to stay away from cocktail mixes/punches as they are usually loaded with fruit juice, often apple which contains excess fructose.

Biggest advice for starting a low FODMAP diet

  • Begin the diet with help / guidance from a dietitian
  • Stick to the elimination phase 100% to see if this diet provides you with some relief
  • Be patient when re-introducing foods to see what are you biggest triggers and make sure you do this with consultation from a health professional
  • Always focus on all the delicious foods you can eat and not what you can’t 

Do you take any supplements?

Yes, I take a probiotic, flax seed oil tablets and vitamin C (liquid form)

What can you eat?

I can and do eat LOTS! Check out the FODMAP page in the about section

What to do when friends invite you over?

Offer to bring something, this way you will be able to make sure you can eat at least one thing. Ask what is for dinner (if they are your friends they will already know and understand you eat a little strangely so won’t be offended). This way you can work out if you need to bring anything extra to make sure you won’t go hungry.

Always carry some nuts or a little snack in your hand bag for emergencies.

Why can you eat banana’s but not apples?

It’s not based on how much sugar the fruit has its about the fructose content versus the glucose content. When these are off balance (i.e. when there is more fructose in fruit than glucose) this can cause issues for people who have can’t tolerate excess fructose.

How do you cope eating out?

I’m usually pretty good as I've been following this way of eating for a while. I know exactly what my big triggers are and try to avoid them at all costs. 

I like to check out a menu before going to a place to make sure there is at least something I can enjoy. 

When ordering I usually ask lots of questions about menu items so I can adjust if needed. I’m also very specific about exactly what I can and can’t have.

What is your emergency go to food if you are starving and out somewhere?

If I don’t have anything in my hand bag, my go to is finding a banana and some nuts. Usually a service station or corner store will stock either of these. If I am truly famished I will try find a tin of tuna and some corn thins (this was my go whilst I was travelling overseas).

Best advice for keeping healthy

Take a balanced approach - eat real food that makes you feel good, exercise and take time for yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you fall off track or have a flare up. 

Do you use lactase tablets?

When travelling (especially if flying long distances) I carry them with me and use when I have to. But I personally don’t like to use them on a day-to-day basis. 

*Consult with a health professional before changing your diet or introducing anything different.